PET Reading & Writing | Part 5 Set 4

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This is an example of the task set in the reading section for the Cambridge English PET for Schools. The text is about mountain climbing.

Before attempting to answer the 10 questions, you should read through the whole text to establish its topic and general meaning. After this, you should go back to the beginning of the text and consider the example. Then you should work through the 10 questions, trying to select the correct word to fit in each space.

It may often be necessary to read a complete sentence before settling on their choice of answer. Once you have decided on an answer, you should check that the remaining options do not fit in the space. Having completed all 10 questions, you should read the whole text again with your answers, to check that it makes sense.

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

Mountain Climbing

The Himalayas are (1) best-known mountain range (2) the world and Mt Everest, with a (3) of 8,800 m is the highest mountain. (4) Edmund Hillary made the first ascent in 1953 mountaineers (5) many countries (6) managed to climb to the peak.

Normally they (7) to take oxygen cylinders to help (8) breathe and other special equipment, including ropes to (9) themselves to each other. It's dangerous sport and many people have lost their lives, not just on the way (10) but during the descent as well.


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