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Photography for Beginners

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photography for beginnersFor this exercise about photography for beginners course, you have to read the text and choose the correct answer to each of the five questions. This provides practice for Part 3 of the A2 Key examination.

About 5-10 minutes.Reading comprehension.Developing stages of learning English.
Enhanced Accessibility.
Read the text about Miss Cameron talking about a new course at school for students who want to begin to take photos and then choose the correct answer to the questions.

Have you ever wished you could take better photos of your family, your lunch, or your dog? So, I can help you. It makes no difference whether you have a high-quality camera or simply use your phone. That is, after all, what makes photography such a wonderful hobby. We photographers are constantly striving to get better. Today's photos should be more fascinating than yesterday's.

I'll show you how to find your own style in my photography classes rather than just taking images like everyone else. However, you'll need to get out of bed early to capture the best light before it gets too bright. In Week 1, we'll go over using light in greater detail.

Actually, I've never read a photography book, and I get bored watching YouTube videos. By looking at my own images, I began to learn more about photography. I considered what was wrong with them and devised a strategy for doing better the next time. And in Week 2, I'll ask you to do the same with your images.

Do you want to know my thoughts? I don't believe anyone can't take beautiful images. Understandably, not everyone wants to. But if you do, come to Room 211 on Tuesday between 2:45 and 3:45.

1. Why does Miss Cameron enjoy photography?

Question 1 of 5

2. What advice does Miss Cameron give?

Question 2 of 5

3. How did Miss Cameron learn about photography?

Question 3 of 5

4. Miss Cameron believes that

Question 4 of 5

5. Why has Miss Cameron written this text?

Question 5 of 5


Here are the words and phrases covered in this exercise about a photography for beginners course:

  • best light
  • bored
  • capture
  • consider
  • fascinating
  • high-quality camera
  • images
  • hobby
  • photographers
  • photography
  • photos
  • strategy
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