B2 Use of English Part 2 Set 4

B2 Use of English Part 2 Set 4

B2 Use of English Part 2 Set 4 is practice for the Cambridge Assessment English B2 First (FCE) examination. The emphasis is on vocabulary and grammar at an Upper-Intermediate Level. In this exercise, it is explaining the Job Market.

Part 2 consists of a text in which there are 8 gaps. You are required to draw on your knowledge of the structure of the language and understanding of the text in order to fill the gaps. In this part, as there are no sets of words from which to choose the answers; you have to think of a word which will fill the gap correctly.
Job Market

Fill in the missing words.

Practical skills and academic qualifications (1) both important when it comes to getting a job. There are manual jobs such (2) cleaning or labouring where qualifications are less important.

Therefore, employers are more likely to use people (3) good knowledge of the job, but it is important for people to have (4) basis education if they want to get a better position. However, a student with (5) highest level of qualifications and few practical skills still has much to learn.

Students need (6) understand that getting a job with a degree in management, for example, does not automatically qualify (7) for a managerial role. Clearly, education is important as the knowledge forms an important basis for practical skills, when (8) comes to getting a good job.

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