B2 Use of English Part 2 Set 5

B2 Use of English Part 2 Set 5

B2 Use of English Part 2 Set 5 is practice for the Cambridge Assessment English B2 First (FCE) examination. The emphasis is on vocabulary and grammar at an Upper-Intermediate Level. In this exercise, it is explaining a school trip to a farm.

Part 2 consists of a text in which there are 8 gaps. You are required to draw on your knowledge of the structure of the language and understanding of the text in order to fill the gaps. In this part, as there are no sets of words from which to choose the answers; you have to think of a word which will fill the gap correctly.
A School to a Farm

Fill in the missing words.

Last Friday, we went on a class to a farm. It was wonderful to leave the grey buildings (1) the city behind and for us to see animals grazing in green fields. It is strange seeing animals in a field for many city children. The only animals that we usually see are pets such (2) cats and dogs.

When we arrived at the farm, we were welcomed by the farmer's wife who took (3) all into a huge farm kitchen. She gave us some delicious teacakes, which she had just baked. We had some strawberry jam that had been made from the fruit picked at (4) farm.

We watched the farmer's wife feeding the hens in the farmyard.. They rushed to get the food, clucking loudly. We (5) allowed to go into the hen house and we collected some newly laid eggs. We usually only see them in the supermarket.

The farmer went up the hill behind the farm to take some of his sheep to a field (6) to the farm. They were going to be sheared the next day. We watched the sheepdogs round up the sheep. They were very clever and they soon had the sheep (7) in the field.

All too soon it was time to go back to school again. We had all had a really interesting day (8) the farm. I wish we could have stayed longer.

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