B2 Reading Part 6

B2 Reading Part 6 Set 1

B2 Reading Part 6 Set 1 is practice for the Cambridge Assessment English B2 First (FCE) examination. The emphasis is on reading for detail and the main idea at an Upper-Intermediate Level. This text explains the benefits of getting fit.

There is a single page of text with some numbered gaps with missing sentences. You have to read the text and the paragraphs and decide which sentence best fits each gap.
Benefits of Getting Fit

Getting Fit

Exercise is essential for your overall wellbeing and there are of plenty of reasons why you should do it. (1) Especially, when all around you seems more and more unbalanced and the world becomes ever fast and furious.

(2) It can improve muscle tone, strength along with promoting good posture. Other benefits include helping to prevent those muscles imbalances. (3) It can also improve the condition of the heart and lungs and blood circulation. Probably all these reasons might make you consider taking it up.

However, did you known that exercise helps to ease depression and tiredness, and that it helps to regulate sleep pattern? (4) If not, common sense alone should tell you that exercise is good for you. There are plenty of types of exercise you can do - aerobics, jogging, working out with free weights, working on weight machines.

(5) The reason for this is that it improves flexibility and helps you to maintain correct posture and to prevent muscle tears and injuries caused by overuse. (6) So, stretching should play an important part in your exercise routine, which should be performed both slowly and precisely. Therefore, the best exercise, involves a good warm-up and stretching exercises, an energetic workout and definitely a cool down period.


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