B2 Reading Part 6 Set 2

B2 Reading Part 6 Set 2

B2 Reading Part 6 Set 2 is practice for the Cambridge Assessment English B2 First (FCE) examination. The emphasis is on reading for detail and the main idea at an Upper-Intermediate Level. This text explains why there is so much pollution in our world.

There is a single page of text with some numbered gaps with missing sentences. You have to read the text and the paragraphs and decide which sentence best fits each gap.

Our Polluted World

Pollution is one of the major problems in all countries in the world today. (1) There is a view by scientists that the situation is getting even worse and there is a necessity for it to be reduced. (2)

Firstly, one of the major causes is that of air pollution from petrol and diesel vehicles. (3) In recent times, there have been steps to change to electric vehicles, but this switch has been very slow moving.

(4) The reason for this is order to provide space for building major infrastructure such as roads and motorways. However, it would be better if people were encouraged to start using more public transportation or bicycles rather than cars. In that way, there will be a reduction in traffic jams and a decrease in air pollution in our cities.

Finally, there are concerns that the majority of our water sources, such as rivers and seas, are being polluted with industrial waste and sewage from populated areas. (5) Therefore, there is a need to stop this practice of using seas and rivers as a dumping ground for our waste.

In conclusion, the Earth is the only home that we have and it is our responsibility to keep it clean. (6) This should start by using it in an environmentally friendly way for our future generation to live healthier lives.


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