Reports of the Death of Jobs Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Reports of the Death of Jobs have been greatly exaggerated is a reading exercise is true or false type question to practise for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced and IELTS tests as well as the English Language B IB Diploma.

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Reports of the Death of Jobs have been greatly exaggerated Reading Exercise

You will read an artile online about the concerns due to automation by Seamus Nevin. In order to answer the questions below click here first to read the article online.

1. The author does not feel that people should be worried about technology replacing humans.

2. Technology according to the author, has increased unemployment.

3. The author feels that 'method' and 'recall' are useful skills in a digital environment.

4. The author thinks that people who develop offline communication skills will be successful in the future.

5. Because technology changes quickly and individuals change jobs quickly, there is no reason for educational organisations to consult business.

6. The author feels that face-to-face higher education is superior to online learning platforms.

7. The author suggests that the government pays adults to go continue to go to school, during their working career.


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