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Selling Lemonade listening exercise is a true or false statement, gap-fill and multiple choice type question to practise for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced and IELTS tests as well as the English Language B IB Diploma


Selling Lemonade Listening Exercise

You hear an interview with Andre about why the London council fined his five-year-old  daughter $250 over selling lemonade.

A. True or False Statements: According to the interview

1 Andre and his partner are from New Zealand.

2. Andre’s daughter got the idea of setting up her lemonade stall when she went to her school fete.

3. Andre and his daughter looked up on the internet to find a lemonade recipe.

4. The lemonade stall was at the music festival.

5. A large cup of lemonade costs over a pound.

6. Andre explained that he was surprised by the officer's attitude.

7. Andre’s daughter only felt better after watching a movie.

B Fill in the blanks. Write one word in the space.

After the event, Andre sent a (8) to the council to complain about it as well as writing an (9) for a local newspaper. He wondered if it had happened to other (10) in the local area. Not long after this, Andre was contacted by the council to say that the fine had been (11) .

C Multiple choice questions. Choose the correct statement. 

12. According to Andre, councils are most likely to fine people ...

13. The lemonade stall story has lead people to believe that ...

14. Andre is concerned that ...


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