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Starters Listening Part 1 Test 1

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Starters Listening Part 1 Test 2 checks your ability to listen to names and descriptions. You see a big picture showing people doing things. You have to move the name to the person the people are describing.

5 minutes.Listening for names and descriptions.Early stages of learning English.

You will hear a girl and a woman talking about a park photo. Put the names in the right places in the photo.

At the ParkTranscriptVocabulary
Starters Listening Part 1 Test 1 (Transcript)
Look at the picture. Listen and look. There is one example.

A: Look at this photo of my family and friends at the park Miss Gray.
B: That’s a nice photo, it looks like you’re having fun, so who’s that boy under the tree?
A: That’s my friend Ben. He really loves ice cream.
B: I love it too.

Can you see Ben’s name? This is an example. Now you listen and put the names next to the right person.

Question 1
A: Look and there’s my friend Sam.
B: Oh yes, he’s kicking a football.
A: Yeah, he loves playing football.

Question 2
B: One girl is riding a bike, what’s her name then?
A: That’s my friend Anna. She’s just got a new bike.
B: That’s nice. She’s very lucky.
A: Yeah, she lets me use it sometimes.

Question 3
B: That’s a nice picture of a flower.
A: Oh yeah, my sister May is drawing the picture.
B: Does she like drawing?
A: Yeah she loves it and she likes painting too.

Question 4
A: My brother Josh is in the photo too. Can you see him?
B: No I can’t, what’s he doing?
A: He’s sitting next to May and he’s eating some fruit.
B: Oh yes, I see him now.

Question 5
A: Can you see my dad Mark?
B: Is he the one playing the guitar?
A: Yeah that’s right.
B: It looks like your family had a brilliant day out in the park.

Now listen to it again.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • brilliant day
  • drawing
  • flower
  • football
  • fruit
  • guitar
  • ice cream
  • riding a bike
  • right person
  • very lucky
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