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Talking to Anna

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Starters Listening Part 2 Test 1 checks your ability to listen to names and numbers. You hear a short conversation between a child and an adult and some questions.

5 minutes.Listening for numbers and names.Early stages of learning English.

Listen to a short conversation between a teacher who is talking to Anna. Type the correct answer after each question.

Starters Listening Part 2 Test 1 (Transcript)

Talking to Anna

A: Hi Anna. Do you know this boy?
B: Yes, that’s Nick. He likes basketball a lot.
A: Where does Nick live?
B: He lives at number 16.

A: Has he got any brothers or sisters?
B: Yes, he’s got one baby brother.
A: So, what is his baby brother’s name?
B: His name is Matt.
A: Do you spell it M-A-T-T?

B: Yeah, that’s right. Do you like my cat?
A: Yes, I do. It looks very happy. How old is your cat?
B: He’s 12. That’s old for a cat.

A: What’s your cat’s name then?
B: His name is Pat.
A: I like that name. Is that P-A-T

B: Yes, that’s right. We’ve got lots of cats.
A: Oh? How many cats have you got?
B: Five. But Pat’s my favourite cat as he’s so friendly.
A: Oh? Five cats, that’s a lot of cats.

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