Stephen Hawkins Listening Exercise

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Stephen Hawkins Listening Exercise is for students planning to take the IGCSE ESL Examination. This is an exercise based on the theme of science and technology.

space, science, technology, Stephen Hawkins

This listening task contains key words and phrases relevant to the theme of science and technology which is regularly covered in the IGCSE ESL exam.
British icons: Stephen Hawking (learn English with pie)

1. Stephen Hawkins studied at both Oxford and Cambridge.

2. Doctors expected him to live for only two more years after he was diagnosed with ALS.

3. Stephen Hawkins said that he didn't enjoy life living with ALS.

4. His goal was to understand the universe.

5. Many people got to know him better when he published a book.

6. His book sold 10 million copies and it was translated into 14 different languages.

7. Stephen was unable to speak so he had a computer programme with a British accent to speak for him.

8. Stephen was given a free flight into space from Virgin Atlantic.



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