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teen hobbiesFor this exercise about teen hobbies, you answer seven questions about three short texts on the same topic. You have to match each question to one of the texts. This provides practice for Reading Part 2 of the A2 Key examination.

About 5-10 minutes.Reading comprehension.Developing stages of learning of English.
Enhanced Accessibility.
Read the text about each of the people talking about their hobbies and then choose the correct answer to the questions.

Emma, runner
I've been running for two years. I used to only run 1 or 2 kilometres, but now I run approximately 10. My speed is also improving. In Brighton, I've joined a jogging club. I had never met any of the members before, but now I consider them my friends. When my father was younger, he was a good runner who was quite fit, but he stopped after injuring his knee. In fact, I need to order a new pair of running shoes which will be just a simple pair. I don't believe that the more expensive ones help you run faster!

Mia, skateboarder
Most evenings, I go skating in the park. I know that's a lot, but the park is only a minute or two away from my house, and I usually spend a couple of hours there if my friends are around. My cousin, who is quite talented at skateboarding, occasionally joins us, and he teaches me a few new moves. I'm getting better all the time!

Charlotte, rock climber
My best friend suggested I start rock climbing, and now we both do it. My friend's mother drives us once or twice a month, but I'd like to do it once a week. I had no idea you needed so much equipment when I first started, and it isn't cheap! But I love it. Climbing is something I don't think I'll ever grow tired of doing!

1. Which person has made new friends because of her hobby?

Question 1 of 7

2. Which person does her hobby near her home?

Question 2 of 7

3. Which person says she is getting better at her hobby?


Question 3 of 7

4. Which person does her hobby with a family member?


Question 4 of 7

5. Which person wants to do her hobby more often?


Question 5 of 7

6. Which person needs to buy something for her hobby?


Question 6 of 7

7. Which person says her hobby was more expensive than she thought?


Question 7 of 7


A2 Key Part 2,A2 Key Reading Part 2Here are the words and phrases covered in this A2 Key Reading Part 2 exercise about teen hobbies:

  • big success
  • climbing
  • grow tired of
  • injuring knee
  • new moves
  • rock climbing
  • runner
  • running
  • skateboarder
  • skateboarding
  • speed
  • talented
  • teen hobbies
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