Young Learners Level Test

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Welcome to our free young learners English Level test which suggests the level of English course to follow.

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Our young learners level test is a free test designed for students between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. It will take about 10 minutes to complete and it will suggest which English level to follow. You can opt to receive your results by email.

Live English Level Results

17% were graded 'B1 (Intermediate)'
22% were graded 'A2 Flyers (Pre Intermediate)'
33% were graded 'A1 Movers (Elementary)'
28% were graded 'Pre A1 Starters (Beginner)'


Young Learners Level Test

Press the next button once you have completed each section. When you complete the test press the submit button.

Look and read. Choose YES or NO. There are two examples.

This is a phone.Yes
duckThis is a cow.No



1This is a dress.
2This is a banana.
3This is a goat.
4This is a sock.
5This is a lamp.

Look and read. Choose yes or no.

The boy is wearing a cap.Yes
There are two boys.No



1There are two goats.
2The cat is black.
3One boy has the number four on his T-shirt.
4Two boys are playing football.
5One boy is climbing a tree.








Read the text and choose the best answer.


Sally: Hello, Jill. Did you have a good weekend?
1.Sally: Did you ride your horse?
2.Sally: How often do you go riding?
3.Jill: Would you like to come and see my horse on Saturday?
Sally : 
4.Sally: Where is your horse?
5.Sally: Have you got pets at home?
6.Sally: Oh! Here's my bus! I've got to go now.

Read the text and then choose the right words.


People all around the world play football but the first people (1)   played football lived in England. Did you know that in many games, football players (2)  about eight kilometres!

The game is called football in most countries but in America and Canada some people call (3) soccer. Another name for football is 'the beautiful game'.

One of the most famous football players is called Cristiano Ronaldo. He's a fantastic player. He could kick a ball really well (4)  he was only five. You can read about him (5) the internet.

Choose the correct word next to each definition.

1. This is a book with spaces to write in for each day of the year.

2. There are doctors and nurses in this place. You go there if you are very sick.

3. This comes from trees and people make a lot of things with it, for example, tables, chairs and wardrobes.

4. This can take a lot of people from one place to another. You wait at stations for it.

5. You use this to draw straight lines. It is usually made of plastic.

6. This usually smells nice and people use it when they wash their hands.

7. Windows are made of this because you can see through it, but it is easy to break.

8. If someone is ill, this can take them quickly through the traffic to the hospital.

9. People make a lot of different things in these places, for example, computers, clothes and toys.

10. You can read books or study in these places because they are usually very quiet.

Kevin is talking to his mum about going to the water park with his class. What does Kevin say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.

Mum:Hello Kevin. Did you have a good day at the water park?
Kevin:It was a great day, thanks.
1Mum:Do they have a big slide there?
2Mum:What did you like doing there?
3Mum:Where did you eat your lunch?
4Mum:Did you go to the shop?
5Mum:How long did you spend at the water park?

My grandmother lives in a big house with a nice garden. There are many beautiful (1) in her garden. My sister and I like going to her house. She makes us (2) with fruit and chocolate. We drink (3), too. We draw many pictures for her and she puts them on the (4) in her bedroom. My grandmother has a small (5) . My sister likes playing with it.


Charlie likes to go for long walks. He often goes to the mountains or the countryside near his home to take pictures of the plants and the animals that he sees. He loves his camera because it was a birthday present from his favourite uncle. Last weekend, Charlie wanted to go to the forest to take some pictures of birds.

In the afternoon, Charlie put his camera in his bag. He took some cheese sandwiches for his lunch. Charlie walked in the forest and looked at the trees. He saw a beautiful yellow bird. Carefully, Charlie took his camera out of his bag and took a great picture.

Then Charlie came to a place in the forest that he didn't know. He was afraid. 'Are there bears in the forest?' he thought. Charlie listened. There was a waterfall near him. He climbed a tree and looked around. He saw the waterfall and he smiled as he knew where he was. He walked back to his house.

Write one word in the missing gaps.

  1. When Charlie sees plants or he takes pictures of them.
  2. Charlie's uncle gave him a for his birthday.
  3. Charlie wanted to take pictures of in the forest.
  4. Charlie his lunch and his camera in his bag.
  5. The beautiful bird which Charlie saw was
  6.  Charlie that there were bears in the forest.
  7. From the tree, Charlie could see the .


There was a new girl in my class today. She has just moved (1) Madrid to our town. Her name is Maria and her mum has just moved here. She sat next (2) me in class. She likes art and (3) the piano very well.

She's very friendly. She lives very near to my house and she likes basketball too.

I'm (4) to invite her to my house this weekend. I asked Mum and she (5) , 'Good idea!'


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