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Linking Adjectives

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Welcome to our Linking Adjectives Exercises. Let’s learn how to link adjectives together. It is important to learn how to use them properly at this expanding stage of English where there is more focus on academic tasks and language functions. These Linking Adjective Exercises also show how we links ones with the same type and ones with a negative meaning.

About 20 minutes.Learning how to link adjectives together.Expanding stage of learning English.
Listen to the sentence and match the two linking adjectives you hear.

We can use two or more adjectives together to describe the person or thing using ‘and’ and ‘or’.

  • The day was cold and wet.
  • The hotel room was old, damp and smelly.
  • The students felt hot, tired and thirsty.

When we use two adjectives of the same type, we use ‘and’ to link them.

  • The actor is tall and handsome.
  • Paul is very easy-going and relaxed.
  • We took several black and white photos.

When we use three or more adjectives, we link the last two with and, put commas after the others.

  • Tomorrow is going to be cold, rainy and windy.
  • The dog was young, happy and friendly.

When we are linking two negative adjectives together, we use ‘or’.

  • The student wasn’t happy or interested in the lesson.
  • My aunt isn’t kind or generous especially at Christmas.
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