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A1 Possessive ‘s and s’

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Let’s learn how to use possessive ‘s and s’ to show who things belong to. You will learn how to do this with names and with singular and plural nouns. You also learn where to put the apostrophe (‘).


Learn how to use possessive ‘s and s’ to be successful in the Cambridge Assessment English A1 Movers test.

A1 Possessive ‘s and s’

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Choose if the sentences is correct or incorrect. 

Using possessive ‘s to show who things belong to
You use noun + ‘s

  • with a name: John is Jane‘s friend.
  • with a singular noun: It’s my brother‘s birthday tomorrow.
  • with an irregular plural noun: Children’s toys are cheap.
  • for common places: I need to go to the Doctor’s.

Words ending in ‘s

  • with words ending in s, you add ‘s: This is Jame’s house.

Regular plural nouns

  • with regular plural nouns, you add an apostrophe: My friends’ house is near the beach.

More than one noun

  • with more than one noun, you add ‘s after the second person: Harry and Will’s party is on Friday.
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