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Visiting the Pyramids

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pyramidsVisiting the pyramids listening practice for the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Flyers (YLE) exam where you will hear two people talking about a picture about visiting the pyramids. Put the colours and words in the right places on the picture.

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Listen and look at the picture. There is one example.

A: Mom, thanks for this great picture of a family visiting the pyramids. Can I colour it in, please?
B: Of course you can. What would you like to colour first?
A: I think first, I’ll colour the pyramid.
B: That’s a really good idea. How about putting yellow on it?

Can you see yellow on the big pyramid? This is an example. Now you listen and put colours and words on the picture.

Question 1
A: What shall I colour next then?
B: Let me see. Can you see the two flags at the back of the picture?
A: Yeah, I can. Do you think I should colour the big one or the small one?
B: I think you should colour the big one blue.

Question 2
A: Mom, can I put some words on the picture now?
B: Sure, so Sally, how about putting a word on that pyramid that you put yellow on?
A: Yeah, right. It’s very large.
B: So you should put the word large on that pyramid?
A: No problem. that’s so easy to do.

Question 3
A: So mom, can I put some more words somewhere else on the picture?
B: I think that’s enough for now Sally. Let’s put on some more colours. Can you see the man riding the camel?
A: Yeah, I can see him.
B: Great, so can you put pink on his hat?
A: Yeah, that’s easy mom.

Question 4
A: Mom, can I add another word to the picture, please?
B: Sure you can. Look at the little boy at the front of the picture with the toy cars. He’s got a T-shirt with words on it, but one word is missing.
A: Oh yeah. It says I love, but what word could be missing?
B: It’s cars. It should say, I love cars. Can you put that word on his T-shirt?
A: Sure no problem, I’ll do that now.

Question 5
B: And for the last thing, would you like to add colour to one of the goats?
A: Yeah, but which one? Do ya mean the one in front of the camel?
B: No, I don’t mean that one. Please add colour to the one at the back under the flags.
A: What colour shall I use?
B: Well, Sally there’s only one colour left so put grey on the goat.
A: I’ll do that then. The picture looks great now, doesn’t it?
B: Yep, it does. You’ve done a brilliant job.
A: Thanks so much mom.

Now listen to this part again.

Here are words and phrases from this activity.

  • at the back
  • family
  • goats
  • in front of
  • little boy
  • on his T-shirt
  • one colour left
  • riding the camel
  • so easy
  • toy cars
  • two flags
  • visiting the pyramids
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In addition, we add listening and speaking exercises in order to practise for this part of the A2 Flyers test.
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